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Salon and Spa Roblox Roleplay — Princess Makeover Spa Day — Titi Games

Titi & Goldie play a new fun game !
Lets Play Roblox! I get a princess make over in the Salon and spa game in Roblox! I get full spa treatment, mud bath, face mask, manicure and pedicure, wax and a new hair style and I even try on some new dresses! I get a Mermaid Make over and a Kylie Make over make sure you tell me which look was your favorite!

Salon and Spa is a fun game where you can get virtual make overs in the most realistic way! Choose a hairstyle, color and even outfits! Put a pink robe and try out a face mask, massage, sauna , mud bath or manicure! This is by far a favorite game of mine!’

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Titi Games is a Family friendly channel — All videos are positive, fun & Funny !
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