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• Bloxburg || Pastel Spa and Salon speedbuild || Sunflxwer •

🌻● open me ●🌻


haii, so i built a pastel spa/salon in roblox bloxburg! lmk if u have any build suggestions xx

🌻● build info ●🌻

⪼ total cost: 165k ⪻
Gamepasses: advanced placing, multiple floors
front desk, waiting room, hair station, nail station, make up station, 2 bathrooms, fitting room, clothing shop, facial rooms, massage rooms, sauna, yoga room

sign — 6063673720
logo — 6063674662
menu — 6063686221
small menu — 6064832139

🌻● i do not own any of the music used in this video. all rights go to the rightful owners/creators. ●🌻


🌻● welcome to my channel! ●🌻

i started bloxburg about two years ago.. and i saw myself slowly getting better at building. i wanted to use this new ability to build and help out everyone in need of a home, restaurant, or whatever it may be!

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